For the second time this year, Saddleback has been buried by a multi-day snow event. As I write this blog, the snow continues dump onto Saddleback. It has become a challenge just to keep up with the accumulation numbers. Back on January 3rd,
we had a 3 day snow event that delivered up to 36 inches.  This event is much bigger! Since snow began on Wednesday, we have received between 42 and 48 inches of snow so far. The groomers worked so hard packing snow throughout the night only to have their work spoiled by additional snowfall. Check out our photo of the day with Lizzy almost waist deep on Professor this morning.

The forecast calls for snow all day today, tonight and some additional light snow Sunday. Guess what is in the forecast for Monday? Right, more snow! Well, January and February were a bit dry and Mother Nature, who loves the law of averages, is finally making up for lost time.  We were stuck at a year to date snow total of 149” for the longest time and now all of a sudden we are approaching 200! This will set us up for a wonderful March. I hope that you are able to get to Saddleback and experience the best skiing of the year. Casablanca is waiting for you!

Don’t forget, tomorrow is ski with management day. Every Sunday morning we meet at the Rangeley Double and board the lift at 7:30 sharp. We will ski with anyone who shows for an hour prior to the lifts opening. See you there.

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