As I write this blog, I am looking out my office window at the beautiful snow falling from the sky. There is not a breath of wind, so the snow is falling straight down. We have picked up a good 3 inches so far this afternoon. We expect snow throughout the night and will likely pick up a few more inches before we open the lifts at 9 tomorrow. Today's skiers had a real treat! Conditions are about as good as they can get. Three inches of powder over a soft & smooth corduroy base is hard to beat. Definitely hero snow! 

The long range forecast has this week setting up to be picture perfect. We have light snow & flurries Wednesday night and early Thursday, then clearing skies for Friday and the weekend. Temperatures will be seasonable in the high teens and low twenties throughout the weekend.  This is not a holiday weekend as last weekend, so there is plenty of availability in our condos. We have extended our mid-week $69 per person per day special into this weekend to hopefully pickup some last minute reservations. If interested, call reservations toll free at 1-877-864-5441. This will be a weekend not to be missed.

Tomorrow is my day off and a day of skiing is in my plans. It looks to be a powder day! I believe that our conditions are the best in New England, so I will be skiing Saddleback! I will have more details about the weekend in our next blog on Thursday.

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