As a ski area operator, this was one weekend that we will cherish! If you could put in a frame and hang it on the wall, we would. I guess when you have 64 inches of new snow within 6 days and you follow that with picture-perfect weather, you are going to have a big weekend. Big it was! To date, it was the biggest weekend in Saddleback history. Previously, the biggest weekend was this year’s Martin Luther King weekend. President’s week was also the biggest holiday week ever. WE are delighted to have visited the record books three times this winter. Even skiing with management this morning was huge with over a hundred people showing up! We decide on the first run to split the group and for the second run we just asked people to ski on their own and where they wanted. Everyone liked that concept as they had an hour of skiing before everyone else showed up.

For the skiers, conditions could not be finer. The dry air and cool upper mountain temperatures have kept winter-like packed powder surfaces. Temperatures at the base sundeck warmed to 38 degrees and have provided a delightful BBQ atmosphere with braised pork ribs, sausages in marinara, giant hot dogs and great burgers. The only negative were some hefty lift lines, especially on the Rangeley Double. This helps to make the case for adding a new lift sooner than later. Of course, if you are lucky enough to ski tomorrow, there will be no lift lines.

Don’t forget every Wednesday is now "2 for 1". You can purchase two tickets for only $49! So, grab a friend and come skiing this Wednesday. The week’s weather outlook is a good one with more sun than clouds and day temperatures in the high 20’ to low 30’s. A great week to ski Saddleback!

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