Yesterday's decision to not open today was the right call. Currently it is 40 degrees with heavy rain and gusty winds. There have also been some brief power outages. It would have been a miserable day to operate and upper lifts would have been on a wind hold.

We are going to shoot for operating tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Rain should change to snow and temperatures will drop below freezing later tonight. The groomers will try to get on the snow sometime after mid-night. They will focus on the major snowmaking trails in the South Branch area and major trails off of the Rangeley Double. Wednesday we will fire up snowmaking at the top of the Kennebago Quad and resurface Tight Line, Supervisor and Artula. We should have those trails covered and groomed by the weekend. 

The forecast calls for cold temperatures all week with snow squalls & flurries each day. That new snow will assist the groomers with their work. The ski report will be updated early tomorrow morning so that you can check out the actual trail count for Tuesday. We expect to rebound quickly on the snow made trails, it will be longer for the natural snow trails. I will be updating reports as things change.

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