As the first weekend of the season is winding down, it has proved to be a very successful couple of days. Excited skiers & riders flocked to Saddleback to pick up their season passes and make their first turns of the year. Families were moving their equipment into their season lockers, staging them selves for the long winter months ahead. Old winter friends re-connected and spirit of camaraderie was abuzz through the base lodge. The first apre`s ski entertainment kicked off in the Swig`n Smelt Pub Saturday night and it was like we had never been closed. Winter was truly here to stay.

Like the many that came to Saddleback, many of the staff was able to get on the mountain to get in their first turns. I was on of those who were fortunate to make it on to the mountain. I do like to count my ski "occasions". I call them occaisions as I seldom can ski for a day. So, to qualify as an "occasion" I need to get at least five runs. I took 4 on the Grey Ghost and one into Golden Smelt. The snow was a consistent, easy to ski packed powder and on the Smelt it was a soft natural powdery surface which felt great under foot. So, like the many that came to Saddleback this weekend, my first "occaision" is in the bag. If you would like to contact me, write to .