The coldest temperatures so far this year have descended onto the northeast's ski country. For Saddleback that has meant some serious snow production from the guns. The Saddleback snowmaking team is taking full advantage of the weather, with every gun hooked up and spewing beautiful snow. The Green Weaver is lit up top to bottom and there also guns on Grey Ghost and the Wheeler Slope. With tonight's cold temperatures, those trails will be buried by Sunday morning.

We have had some gusty winds during the last two days blowing and re-distributing some of our snow. A very interesting side benefit, Golden Smelt has been the benifciary of much of the blowing snow and is in beautiful condition. The Golden Smelt could be the only natural snow trail in the East in that kind of condition. Skiers today have been telling me that the skiing surfaces on all open trails are exceptional. We are looking forward to Sunday as we will get a break from this wind and temperatures will moderate into the 20's. T will have to do some product testing tomorrow. I am certain that it will be more than worthwhile. I hope to see you on the slopes too! If you would like to write me, send your thoughts to .