The weather folks from both channel 13 & channel 6 were spot on with their forecasting of this most recent weather event. That big system did in fact pull back out of the Gulf of Maine and moved inland. The storm trough pulled directly over Saddleback and it dumped! Best estimate is 24 to 30 inches overnight which brings the snowfall total since Thursday to 34 to 42 inches! We were able to get 64 trails open by mid-morning.

Today was our first skiing with the management day. Today, and every Sunday going forward, we open the Rangeley lift at 7:30 AM. The Saddleback management team is there to welcome guests and invite them for a few runs together. This mornings turn out was incredible, more than 100 skiers showed for first tracks. It was a hoot seeing 100 skiers & riders following Jim Quimby down the ungroomed & deep powder surface of Peachy's Peril.

After the skiing with management program, I headed to the Kennebago Chair. I had one purpose in mind, to ski Casablanca! We have been talking so much about this new exciting terrain and today was the moment of truth, how would it ski. With the deep powder it took me a while to get to the furthest entrance. There were some tracks, not many. Jared Emerson, who designed the glade and oversaw the cutting, had the honor of making the very first set of tracks. I pushed off and the snow was knee to thigh deep. It was very tough skiing. I lost a ski on a fall and spent 5 minutes looking for it. When I tried to stand without the ski on my foot, I sank to over my waist. I believe that this glade will catch a lot of wind blown snow and we will ultimately have some very deep bases there. The glade skis very well, but it was a lot of work with this deep thick snow. Kennebago station was a very welcome sight. It was an exhausting run, and I needed a bottle of water. What a great convenience to have that facility. Folks were staying up top all morning with no need to come back to the base. I hope that you will make it to the Kennebago Lift area soon to experience this very unique setting.

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