If you have been reading my blog this week, you can imagine how bleak the outlook was for coming out of a three day rain event with good snow cover and good skiing. When doing the ski reports yesterday and again early this morning we were under the assumption that the glades would be lost as well as some of the lower natural snow trails. Hence our trail count was greatly reduced. Once the clouds lifted and we started making our way around the mountain this morning, we came to the realization that every trail and every glade would soon be open and most with exceptional coverage!

The groomers were able to get out and groom a dozen of our most major arteries, creating a corduroy wet granular that cut like butter when making a turn. I got out and took a good tour of the mountain. The snow in Casablanca was both a heavy wet with a left over thin crust. It requires some jump turns here and there, but the coverage is great and with some skier traffic, the surfaces will become easier to ski. All of the groomed trails were amazing! Definitely hero snow, very easy to turn on and even the steepest steeps are easy to ski. The ungroomed trails were smoothed by the rain and they were soft, fast and also easy to ski. Currently, with temperatures in the mid 50’s, the snow on the lower mountain has become very soft and a bit slushy. On mid-mountain & upper-mountain the snow has remained a wet loose granular. With any luck, we will have some cooling with tonight’s clear skies and the snow will set up enough to support a good grooming effort early tomorrow morning. If so, tomorrow's skiers who get out as soon as lifts open (like my wife, Lisa) will be treated with superb conditions.

Normally we post one photo of the day. However, under these circumstances, I thought that you would like to see more so four are posted. Please go to the photo of the day tab and check them out.

We will have a lot of fun at Saddleback Saturday with our annual pond skimming contest. Any one may attempt the pond, but be prepared to get wet! I prefer to be a spectator during that event.

Sunday is Easter and we will have an Easter Service at the top of the Rangeley Double next to the warming hut at 9:30 AM. There will be an Easter egg hunt for the kids under 11 years old on the lower ski trails. There will be a golden egg that will fetch the finder a free season pass for next winter! An Easter costume parade will take place inside the base lodge led by the Easter Bunny. Costume judging will be done at the end of the parade.

Sunday is also Maine Day. All Maine residents will be able to ski for just $35 with proof of residency. It will be a very fun weekend and I hope that you will be able to join us.

If you would like to contact me, send your thoughts to cklefos@saddlebackmaine.com