Yesterday was my day off, but I could not stay away from the mountain. After receiving 34 to 44 inches of snow over the weekend, why would I want to stay away! My wife, Lisa has been skiing almost every day and she knows the mountain better than I do (remember, this is my first season at Saddleback). So, the plan was to be incognito, act as a customer and let Lisa give me a tour of the parts of the mountain that she has learned.

We had an easy morning and did not arrive until 9:30 or so. We dropped the equipment off at the drop off circle and parked in the customer lot. We got onto the Rangeley Chair without being noticed, its funny how not having a uniform, with helmet & goggles can conceal your identity.I even had my pass checked upon three occasions.

Last Sunday, after the big dump, I had skied glades including Casablanca so today was all about learning the intermediate trails. The snow was a perfect soft corduroy every where the grooming machines had been. We skied Grey Ghost & Green Weaver and then met up with a friend, Dick Wigton. We went with Dick to the Kennebago Quad and skied Tricolor over to the T-bar area where we skied Silver Doctor & Blue Devil several times. Blue Devil is one of the original Saddleback trails and hasn't changed. Dick has just gotten back into skiing and had not skied Blue Devil since he was 15. I will not reveal his age, let's just say that was a long time ago! He was reliving fond memories by skiing that trail, so much so, that we left him there to ski it over again. We made our last run on the Royal Coachman to lower Professor. The snow on lower Professor was amazing! 

After skiing, we enjoyed a nice lunch at the Swig'n Smelt Pub with a glass of white wine, the perfect end to a perfect morning of skiing. Even if I had to pay for it, it would have been more than worth it!  The mountain is in great shape. If you can find the time to come to Saddleback during the next several days, you will find it worthwhile too.

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