I hate to keep harping on the same subject for the past three blogs, but really, you have to do whatever it takes to get to Saddleback this weekend! Today was the first day that we have seen blue sky and sunshine in 8 days and the Saddleback sights are spectacular. The "snow Ghosts" AKA conifers heavily encrusted with snow glistening from the bright sunshine is a spectacular sight to behold and alone makes the trip here worthwhile. The photo on this blog was shot this morning and will give you a great idea as to the beauty of Saddleback today. The forecast for tomorrow is identical and all those snow ghosts will be here to greet you at the summit.

Now let's talk about the conditions! During all those cloudy days we were picking up snow. Just since Monday we have received 10 inches. In checking other mountains snow totals to date, Saddleback remains on top at 136 inches. Since January 1st, temperatures on the mountain have remained below freezing. The combination of cold temperatures and tons of snow has created conditions that are as good as it gets. The groomers all have soft packed corduroy to start and the glades still have soft & loose powdery surfaces. There are still untracked lines to be had in Casablanca. Steve Prince, who works in our marketing department and takes our photo of the day, overheard a person getting off the Kennebago quad say, "If I died tomorrow, I would die a happy skier!" So, pack the car and get on the road. If you need a place to stay we have availability in our Ski in / Ski out condos. Packages start at only $69 per person per day and include a lift ticket. Call our reservations department for details at 877-864-5441.

If you would like to reach me, send your thoughts to cklefos@saddlebackmaine.com