Spring skiing can be very engaging as we get to experience a wide diversity of skiing surfaces. Generally we start the day on groomed granular and end with variable surfaces. Each surface has its own challenge and we skiers need to be able to adapt to each condition. I have always been amused that we refer to many of these surfaces as food, or as I have always joked, that all of the major food groups are represented during spring skiing.  Packed powder can change to butter or cream cheese, there is sugar snow, we have mashed potato when things get very warm and once in awhile the dreaded death cookies. My absolute favorite food group in the spring is corn snow. To get good corn, you need lots of sunshine and very dry air and usually occurs after many thaw & freeze cycles. When very warm, corn can change into creamed corn which is basically a wet granular. If you can think of any other food analogies to snow, please send them along as I would love to add it to my spring skiing vocabulary.

Today is certainly spring skiing and we will have more of the same tomorrow. It will get below freezing again tonight which is ideal. Once surfaces firm, the groomers can create that nice fine groomed granular to start the day. We are forecast to have wall to wall sunshine Saturday with temperatures on the mountain near 50 degrees! All trails and glades are very well covered and will be lots of fun to ski in these mild conditions.

BBQ’s will take place at the Yurt and the base lodge deck. $2 16 oz PBR’s along with other bar features will be available on the base lodge deck. At 3:30 in the Swig n’ Smelt Pub après ski entertainment will be provided by Matt & the Barnburners. At 8:00 PM we present the band ‘Pogey’ in the fireplace room of the base lodge. Tickets are available at the door and cost just $20 each.

If you Telemark, you need to be here tomorrow for the Telemark Invasion. This is an opportunity to be with other passionate Telemark skiers and honor your sport. There will be equipment demos, teaching clinics for several different levels including Learn to Telemark, a skinning demonstration and a group hill climb & decent. Our rental shop offers rental Telemark equipment, so this would be an ideal day to be introduced to the sport.

I hope that you can join us this weekend! If you would like to contact me, send your thoughts to cklefos@saddlebackmaine.com