You might be asking yourself, why a new blog on Wednesday? Well, normally I do take Wednesdays off but, in our business, holiday weeks are 7 day work weeks. I will rest next Wednesday. I have just received an update on the impending storm. The storm models are now saying that the system is a slower mover and will not start until late Friday. The heaviest snow will fall Saturday into early Sunday. We are thinking one to two feet by the end of Sunday.

The snow is just in time to make our first Maine day a powder day! We have Maine days every first Sunday of the Month. Maine residents ski for only $35 during Maine days. We have other special days. During non-holiday midweek's, Monday is ladies day, Tuesday is Telemark day, Wednesday is men's day, Thursday is young senior's day and Friday is college student's day. Ticket prices for all special days are $35. So, if you think about it, a woman, who resides in Maine and is a tele skier could ski this Sunday, Monday & Tuesday for $35 each day. With this forecast, why not?

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