We are just wrapping up another successful weekend of skiing and riding. It was not as busy as we had hoped, it is difficult to compete with the weathermen who have been scaring the public about cold temperatures for the weekend. The other factor that worked against us was the negative perception of conditions following last Monday's weather event. I have talked with a lot of our customers during the past two days and the common theme was how pleasantly surprised they were to have the quality snow surfaces that we have. Despite the cold temperatures, we made a lot of people happy this weekend.

Today we hosted a MARA J3, 4, & 5 Giant Slalom race on the Grey Ghost. What is fun about hosting these events is that there are always a lot of racers and parents of racers from other ski resorts. It is an opportunity to show off a bit and to build our reputation among the skiing community. Today's conditions were a huge surprise our visitors involved with the race. One parent was overheard saying that they were so certain the race course would be a solid sheet of ice that they prepared the racing skis with super sharp edges. They actually over tuned the skis and were at a disadvantage for the race. The event went well and I am certain that they be a lot of positive spin about Saddleback around the work place water coolers tomorrow morning. Of course, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you knew that the skiing conditions would be good because that was what I talked about most of last week. 

The plan for this week is to move the fan guns back to the summit and fire up tomorrow on Tight Line, Supervisor, Artula, Fire Fly, Dazzler and Tricolor. Temperatures will remain on the cold side and will provide ideal conditions for snow production. We will run on top for two to three days and bury those trails. We will then spot guns around the mountain in areas that are thin and finish snowmaking before the weekend.

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