Survivor winner Bob Crowley spent the weekend here at Saddleback. He came Saturday as he is our spokesperson for the PEAK program. Yesterday was PEAK day and Bob had the pleasure to speak to the kids attending the program. Bob also pulled the winning name for the ski & snowboard raffle. The photo is of survivor Bob congratulating our raffle winner Walker Ellsworth.

Last night at the Swig’n Smelt Pub, I mentioned to Bob and his wife Peggy, that they should join us for the ski with management program at 7:30 AM. They had already turned their ski equipment in and the rental shop was closed. Now I think I know why Bob won survivor- he is very resourceful!  Bob went down to the shop and saw a person mopping the hallway floor. He recognized the man with the mop as Zack, a rental shop employee and asked if he could get their equipment back. Our employee said no problem and unlocked the shop and they retrieved the equipment.

We all met at the Rangeley Double at 7:30 for ski with management.  We had a group of about 20 including Survivor Bob and Peggy. After Jim Quimby’s introduction at the top, we took a fast non-stopper down the Green Weaver. The snow was perfect corduroy and was like a carpet. After a run down Royal Coachman and another down Silver Doctor, it was time for muffins & coffee in our base lodge.

After warming up, my wife Lisa and I took Survivor Bob and Peggy on a tour of the trails off the Kennebago Quad. It has been 10 years since they have skied but they both handled the Supervisor headwall without a problem. We stopped at the yurt to warm up where Survivor Bob answered questions and signed autographs. People recognize him with his ball cap with the survivor logo and his signature bow tie that give him away. It was a fun morning of skiing and getting to know Bob and Peggy. We hope to plan another PEAK day in late March. If we do, I suggest that you come to Saddleback that day and keep an eye out for Survivor Bob. You will enjoy meeting him and listening to his intriguing stories about winning Survivor.

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