Today was one of those magical days at work for a ski resort Marketing Director. We had numerous marketing events and production activities going on simultaneously all show cased under ideal weather and snow conditions.  All of the stars aligned and magic happened here today.

First, we had some visiting trip planners from a ski club from New Brunswick, Cananda here scouting Saddleback for a 5-day ski week next year. My wife Lisa was kind to offer to tour them around the mountain and make sure that they learned how to make the most of Saddleback. They were impressed and we will likely book their trip.

Second, there was a photo shoot by our marketing department which had been planned a week prior. We got the bluebird day that we were looking for and Steve Prince and photographer Chris Reilly worked hard most of the day getting the images that we need to create next year's media collateral. The photo here is one image that they got in the Casablanca Glade. The State of Maine tourism also had a team here shooting video for State Tourism. They brought their own models and camera man and also enjoyed the blue bird conditions

Next, we were hosting members of the Eastern Ski Writers Association. I personally guided a group of about eight around the mountain. The first run was the mandatory trip to Casablanca. The snow was nice and soft and very easy to ski. I skied with them from 9:15 until 12:15 and got in a dozen runs. They were very impressed with Saddleback and I am sure that they will share the Saddleback ski experience to their colleagues at the weekend meeting that they all attending beginning this evening.

Lastly, we had a helicopter fly over "video shoot" scheduled for today. This was very cool!  The chopper had two gyro mounted HD video cameras, one on each side. Once I received notice that they were about forty minutes out, I said goodbye to the ski writers at the top of the Kennebago Quad and took my skis off and began to hike up to the snowfields. About 20 minutes later, I was at the summit. The wind was blowing hard but it was beautiful at the summit. I was the only one there for about ten minutes until two snowboarders arrived.  At that moment, the chopper arrived. They spent at least 20 minutes shooting all sides of the mountain. They focused on us at the summit taking some turns and waving to them. A call later in the day from the camera man confirmed what I had thought - that he had got some amazing footage of Saddleback. This is very exciting for me as I know that I have some great material for next year's productions.

So, this weekend is going to be more of the same great weather.  Sun, mild temperatures and great snow! Good après ski & fireworks at 7:30. We have Ski with Management this Sunday morning at 7:30 AM and Maine Day Sunday too. WOW! A lot is going on; I hope you can partake.

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