I have just finished catching up on things that piled up yesterday during my day off. Now I can tell you about my wonderful ski day that I experienced.

I met up with an old high school classmate of mine and his son. My wife Lisa and I were going to give them the full tour of Saddleback. It was snowing lightly throughout the day, no wind and we had received 6 inches of snow overnight. Most of the snow had come after grooming so there was about 4 inches of fluff over groomed surfaces. Do I need to say how nice it was?

WOW! The first run down Grey Ghost was incredible! In fact, the second run which was down Royal Coachman was amazing too. My high school buddy failed to see the un-groomed surface sign half way down Royal Coachman and launched out of his bindings when hitting the first concealed mogul in his path. We skied hard and fast. Every trail that we skied was very good however, Supervisor and Silver Doctor were exceptional. For some reason, these trails were not skied. The head wall of Supervisor had been winched before the snow fell and was as good as it gets. We had fresh tracks all the way. Silver Doctor was much the same until our group had tracked it out after taking a half a dozen runs on it. After a delightful lunch at the Swing'n Smelt, I led Rich, my friend's son to Casablanca. Lisa and my friend Warren did not feel up to the task. I wanted Rich to experience this unique glade. We earned are turns as I led him all the way to entrance #4, it does take a while to get there.  The new snow was well over the boot tops and was creamy! We worked our way through the trees. Not a sole was there and there were plenty of fresh untracked lines. Rich was blown away, and I am sure that he will be spreading the Casablanca word back home in central Vermont. A couple of more runs and my quads were screaming at me, time to quit.

More snow fell last night, we have received a good ten inches since Monday. The forecast for this weekend looks outstanding with lots of sunshine, no wind and temperatures in the 20's. I highly recommend a trip to Saddleback while things are as is. We still have plenty of availability in our slopeside condos. We have extended our midweek ski & stay special to include the next two weekends. Packages start at $69 per person per day plus tax, and include lift tickets. You can reach reservations at 877-864-5441. I hope that you will be able to make the trip.

If you would like to contact me, send your thoughts to cklefos@saddlebackmaine.com