Being a ski conditions report person has been extremely dull lately. It has been all about snowmaking and grooming. I have been able to report many dustings in the past two weeks, but the elusive one inch or more has been almost non-existent. You know that when you start wondering how many dustings equal an inch, things are a bit dry! The funny thing is, there are places on this mountain with fresh snow and it is hard to imagine where it came from. Certainly we can attribute it to wind redistribution but I also know that snow has been dropping and blowing from the trees. We have had some brief but heavy at times high altitude snow showers. However, they don't seem to add to much. However it happens, skiers and riders are delighted when they find fresh snow.  The photo here was taken on skier’s right on Black Beauty. That is clearly fresh snow in the photo those skiers are enjoying!

 I have been watching the weather patterns alot lately and from all indications, a change in pattern is on its way! There are three systems now working their way towards us. The first will be on us by Wednesday and the second on will be right behind on Thursday. The third storm will likely affect us on Saturday. The coastal regions will have a rain/snow mix with the rain line setting up somewhere a bit inland. The mountains and high elevations – aka Saddleback – will be all snow! One forecaster told me that by Saturday, we won’t be talking inches but probably feet! Hum, I wonder if I can remember how to ski deep powder? I hope to find out shortly. Stay tuned, I will keep you updated with our mountain forecasts.

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