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Making People Happy At Saddleback!

Is it possible to have a ski vacation with ideal weather, quality service, great snow and a friendly staff serving you? At Saddleback, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver the goods. We can not always control the weather, but we do make the most possible with our snowmaking, grooming, food service and other skier services. Our goal is for our guests to leave happy. Last weekend we hosted a family from Florida and they were nice enough to send us a thank note. Here is how it reads:

Thank you to all your staff for a memorable family ski weekend!!!  We traveled from South Florida, New York and parts of Maine to ski and smile together, we had a blast...the conditions… Read More >>

Get Ready For A Saddleback MLK Weekend!

When was last time you can remember a perfect Martin Luther King weekend on the slopes? I bet it has been years! The last few years we have either been in the midst of a January thaw, in the middle of a deep freeze or even been on multi-day wind holds. It appears that this year will be much different. According to our forecast, it looks like this MLK weekend will be tranquil with seasonable temperatures in the 20's and little to no wind. The mountain is in beautiful shape. We have received a lot of snow during the past 12 days and surfaces could not be nicer. Snowmaking has also been going strong. Today we opened America and by the weekend Tight Line, Supervisor and Artula will open. The… Read More >>

PEAK Performance at Saddleback

One of the most successful programs instituted at Saddleback this year has been our PEAK program. PEAK is an acronym for Promoting Education & Activities for Kids. Simply stated, any Maine student up through 12th grade who makes the honor roll during either the first or second marking period is entitled to receive a Saddleback season pass for just $49! As of today, 1,472 honor roll students have taken us up on the offer.

There have been many stories about how this incentive has worked for both parents and students. I see the joy and pride in the student's eyes when they come in for their photo and to pick up their pass. The Saddleback season pass has become a real badge of… Read More >>

Veteran's Day Saddleback Style

Today was Saddleback's Veterans day! It was our opportunity to thank all of the veterans from all branches of the service for their service and sacrifices. We gave all veterans who turned out a free day of skiing. We also offered their spouse a $25 ticket and dependent children a $20 ticket. Approximately 100 veterans took us up on the free ticket offer. It was a bluebird day and the snow surfaces were perfect for them.

The high point of the day was the ceremony that took place in fireplace room of the base lodge at noon. The ceremony began with bagpiper Bob Underwood marching into the fireplace room playing his pipes. The Mount Blue Band from Farmington played the national… Read More >>

Snow Reporting at Saddleback

NPR recently had story about a study done by some Dartmouth professors regarding snow reporting. They concluded that ski resorts exaggerate snow totals, especially during weekends and holidays. This story has again raised the issue of ski resorts credibility with their snow reporting. From spending most of my career marketing ski resorts, I can tell you that some do exaggerate and there are others that play it straight. Our goal with Saddleback reporting is one word, truth!

The Saddleback reporting system begins at 4:30 AM when Patrol Director and Trail Supervisor, Jared Emerson phones the night Grooming & Snowmaking supervisor, Scott Knight. Scott will have already… Read More >>

A Fabulous Weekend Ahead!

We are all excited at Saddleback, as we are heading into what should be a great weekend of skiing & riding! Last week's big snow put the mountain into near full operation. Each day this week, we have picked up small amounts of snow which has freshened surfaces for each morning. We expect another freshening tonight as we should see more light snow. Snow surfaces do not get better than what we have to offer right now! The forecast looks tranquil, with sunshine and calm winds expected for both Saturday & Sunday. Snowmaking is just getting fired up on Tight Line and America. We will have those two trails closed while we load them up with a deep base of snow. The glades are skiing… Read More >>

A Wonderful Day at Saddleback

Yesterday was my day off, but I could not stay away from the mountain. After receiving 34 to 44 inches of snow over the weekend, why would I want to stay away! My wife, Lisa has been skiing almost every day and she knows the mountain better than I do (remember, this is my first season at Saddleback). So, the plan was to be incognito, act as a customer and let Lisa give me a tour of the parts of the mountain that she has learned.

We had an easy morning and did not arrive until 9:30 or so. We dropped the equipment off at the drop off circle and parked in the customer lot. We got onto the Rangeley Chair without being noticed, its funny how not having a uniform, with helmet &… Read More >>

Weekend Events

It is late Tuesday afternoon and I have yet to write our blog, too many meetings on Tuesdays! We have a very exciting weekend of events to share with you.

On Saturday we are hosting the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge on the Silver Doctor. This is a fun race and can involve everyone in the family. This is a free event with lots of prizes and give-a-ways! There are many different age categories and team pairings. Those that qualify will be eligible to advance to the finals, to be held at Loon March 27th. Bring your family and your friends because this race is for everyone.

Saturday at the Swig'n Smelt Pub, we will have some apr'es ski entertainment provided… Read More >>

More on Casablanca

The snow finally ended here late last night, but not before depositing another 10 to 12 inches Sunday & Sunday night. Although, it is hard to keep track of the totals, it adds to 44 or 46 inches since it all began last Thursday night. We now have our base, winter has officially begun at Saddleback!

All this snow has enabled most of the terrain to be open, including Casablanca. Now that Casablanca has been open for a day and a half, we are beginning to hear the customer reviews. They are absolutely amazing. One skier was heard to say that "he could not believe that that glade is on this mountain, it's the best terrain that he had skied anywhere in the East!" Wow! From… Read More >>

Big Snow, Early Lift Opening & Casablanca!

The weather folks from both channel 13 & channel 6 were spot on with their forecasting of this most recent weather event. That big system did in fact pull back out of the Gulf of Maine and moved inland. The storm trough pulled directly over Saddleback and it dumped! Best estimate is 24 to 30 inches overnight which brings the snowfall total since Thursday to 34 to 42 inches! We were able to get 64 trails open by mid-morning.

Today was our first skiing with the management day. Today, and every Sunday going forward, we open the Rangeley lift at 7:30 AM. The Saddleback management team is there to welcome guests and invite them for a few runs together. This mornings turn out was… Read More >>

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