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Big Snowfall puts the Upper Snowfields into Amazing Shape!

Well, the snow finally ended sometime last night, but not before depositing an additional 10 inches during the previous 24 hour period. That brought the storm total to 52 inches since Wednesday. This morning was "ski with the management day" - every Sunday we meet guests at the Rangeley chair at 7:30 AM and ski an hour with them until the lifts open at 8:30. So I was able to go product testing. The first run was a warm up down Green Weaver. Half was corduroy and skier’s right was about 6 to 8 inches of delightful powder. The groomers were foiled once again by Mother Nature. They groomed all night long only to have another dose of snow cover their corduroy. The third and last run was… Read More >>

It is all about the Snow at Saddleback!

For the second time this year, Saddleback has been buried by a multi-day snow event. As I write this blog, the snow continues dump onto Saddleback. It has become a challenge just to keep up with the accumulation numbers. Back on January 3rd,
we had a 3 day snow event that delivered up to 36 inches.  This event is much bigger! Since snow began on Wednesday, we have received between 42 and 48 inches of snow so far. The groomers worked so hard packing snow throughout the night only to have their work spoiled by additional snowfall. Check out our photo of the day with Lizzy almost waist deep on Professor this morning.

The forecast calls for snow all day…

Mother Nature over-delivers!

Yesterday’s loss is today’s gain! We lost a day of skiing & riding yesterday due to some very wild weather. Winds were gusting in the neighborhood of 70 mph and the snow was blowing sideways. It was impossible to run a lift. Snow and wind were with us all night - the result- 28 inches of new accumulation by this morning! There was alot of moisture content in the snow making ideal base-building accumulation. The groomers worked hard through the night packing as many trails as possible. Packing the snow as quickly as possible to keep it on the trails was a very good (and rare) strategy. This morning you could not even tell that it had been groomed as Mother Nature covered… Read More >>

A Lost Day but a Huge Gain of Snowfall!

Early this morning at my home in Rangeley, winds were calm and the snow was falling nicely to the ground. There was about 8 inches of level & heavy snow in the driveway. As I approached the ski area soon after, I began to notice the trees bending in the wind and on the final approach to the base lodge, I was immersed in a violent wind storm and a near total white out! It was a big difference in weather from the valley to the mountain. It was very obvious to me that there was no hope to run a chairlift today. Winds are still gusting between 50 and 70 MPH and the snow is coming down heavily but sideways! The photo here is the view from my office window this morning.

My…

PSIA Certifies Three Saddleback Instructors & The Snow is Coming!

PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) held an instructor's clinic at Saddleback today. The clinic was well attended with 30 instructors from various New England resorts.  Seven instructors took their level one exam. Saddleback had three instructors in this exam and all three passed and are now level one PSIA certified instructors. Congratulations to Holland Hughes, Kris Ohlson and Patti Howe!

Here is the latest update for Saddleback’s weather:  Snow has started to fall and the temperature is 30 degrees and dropping. The forecast calls for two separate storms tonight through Wednesday. It will snow heavier late tonight and taper off mid-day tomorrow. A… Read More >>

A Change in Weather is Coming Soon!

Being a ski conditions report person has been extremely dull lately. It has been all about snowmaking and grooming. I have been able to report many dustings in the past two weeks, but the elusive one inch or more has been almost non-existent. You know that when you start wondering how many dustings equal an inch, things are a bit dry! The funny thing is, there are places on this mountain with fresh snow and it is hard to imagine where it came from. Certainly we can attribute it to wind redistribution but I also know that snow has been dropping and blowing from the trees. We have had some brief but heavy at times high altitude snow showers. However, they don't seem to add to much. However… Read More >>

It Was All About Slopestyle at Saddleback Today

Today we hosted a USA Snowboard Association Slopestyle event in our Free Rider Terrain Park. It was an exciting event with lots of big air and a wide variety of tricks. The three top winners in the oldest group of boys were all Saddleback boys. Team Saddleback dominated the event. Andrew Boufard (Bouf) took top honors. His front side rodeo seven, switchback rodeo 9 and the 180 over the barrel convinced the judges that he was #1! Bouf also won “the hottest trick” award.  Bouf is our #1 snowboard coach in the Saddleback Ski School.  Stockton Archard took second place and brother, Cooper Archard was third. Stockton’s best trick was a corked 720 &… Read More >>

USASA Snowboard Racing at Saddleback Today

Today we hosted two USA Snowboard Association Maine Mountain series races on the Grey Ghost. First was GS and in the afternoon they ran the Slalom. Tomorrow we will host their Slopestyle event in our terrain park. That slopestyle event will be great for spectators. The park will be closed Sunday while the event takes place. If you would like to compete in the Slopestyle event and are not a USASA member, a one day membership is $25 plus the registration for the competition is $40 and includes your lift ticket. You must register by 8:30 AM Sunday to be eligible.

As this holiday week wraps up, I want to remind you that our $69 ski & stay package for our ski in / ski out condos is… Read More >>

Saddleback is Enjoying a Record February Vacation Week

We are on the home stretch of the school vacation week with just two more days to go. So far, it has been a fabulous experience, both for management and our guests. It is also shaping up to possibly be a record breaking week for us. That we will not know until all of the accounting is done early next week. Every day this week has produced a similar number of skiers & riders. From all of the comments from our guests, their expectations were more than met.

This morning we experienced a big day in the rental shop. It was observed that many of the renters were wearing some sort of snowmobile garb. One may theorize that with the snowmobile trails in less than ideal shape, some… Read More >>

Excellent Snow Surfaces Prevail!

The Class B High School Ski Racing Championships are now history. Falmouth won the overall combined Alpine & Nordic Boys. The overall Alpine & Nordic combined girls was won by Yarmouth. The awards were presented on the lodge deck this afternoon as pictured here. Congratulations to ski Meisters Sean Daigle of Maranacook & Rebecca Bell of Yarmouth!

The Grey Ghost trail was taken back from the racers and given back to the skiing public this morning. Before opening this morning, the groomers totally rebuilt that trail. They tilled up the entire base, redistributed the snow and then laid out the smooth corduroy packed powder surface. It skied as though it had received fresh… Read More >>

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