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Skiers & Riders are Great Weather Watchers!

Skiers and riders seem to be great weather watchers. And we need to be so bad forecasts from the coastal cities don't influence decisions that need to be based on mountain forecasts.  After all, we don't to miss a good day on the slopes. I was a bit worried about all of the doom and gloom forecasts throughout the week that skiers would not show up today. I am delighted to say that was not the case and we have a very robust day underway with close to 2,000 skiers & riders enjoying a mostly sunny Saddleback with an all-out BBQ on the deck. We had pretty good indications by Thursday that the coastal storm now underway in the Northeast would remain south of here. So far, it has. We… Read More >>

What a Great Week For Skiing at Saddleback!

I am back from a couple of days in Vermont. We had a good time with friends and had some good skiing too. However, the snow surfaces are much better at Saddleback! What a great week of skiing! If you have been out on the mountain any day during this past week, you know what I mean. We have had tons of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 30’s at the base. Despite the mild temperatures, the combination of very dry air and cooler temperatures at the high elevations has maintained a packed powder surface on most of the mountain. Only around the base area has the snow turned to more spring-like condition of loose and wet granular. Nighttime temperatures dipping into the teens and… Read More >>

Weekend Events to Look Forward To at Saddleback

My wife, Lisa was out skiing this morning and ran into a nice family enjoying their first day ever at Saddleback. They seemed very delighted to have discovered Saddleback and like the resort very much. They live in Sherbrooke, Quebec and were influenced by our TV campaign on TVA, a Sherbrooke TV Station. In fact, this is just one example of many Canadians whom have discovered Saddleback this winter. We have targeted Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as emerging markets and have experimented with some targeted advertising there. From observing car plates, it seems to be working. We have also hosted a couple of Canadian groups in our ski in & ski out condos. Both will return next… Read More >>

A New Midweek One Night Two Day Ski & Stay Package Unveiled

The weather people blew the forecast today, calling for overcast with the chance of flurries. Instead, it was sunny with base temps near 38 degrees. The summit temperatures remain much cooler in the 20’s and that continues to keep the snow cold and dry. We will see a clear cold night and another sunny day for Tuesday. In fact, all of this week should be nice and this would be a great week to play hooky and ski Saddleback!

We have had a great success with our new 2 for 1 Wednesdays and have decided to sweeten the deal with a one night lodging offer with two days of skiing.  Now you will be able to stay in a ski-in & ski-out condo either Tuesday night… Read More >>

Great Weekend of Skiing & Record Attendance at Saddleback!

As a ski area operator, this was one weekend that we will cherish! If you could put in a frame and hang it on the wall, we would. I guess when you have 64 inches of new snow within 6 days and you follow that with picture-perfect weather, you are going to have a big weekend. Big it was! To date, it was the biggest weekend in Saddleback history. Previously, the biggest weekend was this year’s Martin Luther King weekend. President’s week was also the biggest holiday week ever. WE are delighted to have visited the record books three times this winter. Even skiing with management this morning was huge with over a hundred people showing up! We decide on the first run to split… Read More >>

Spring Weather and Winter Snow Surfaces Prevail at Saddleback

Today was everything that we thought it would be. Beautiful weather, great snow and lots of skiers! As I write this, the base lodge deck is full of sun worshipers soaking up the sun's rays, the mountain's splendor and a margarita or other delicious beverage. The Kennebago Station (AKA the Yurt) is also very popular today. We hauled a bunch of picnic tables up there and set up an outdoor beer garden. I am told that it is jamming! It is also a very entertaining place to be as you have full view of our machine made mogul field and big air jump on Tight Line.

Although the base temperature is 38 degrees, the very dry air along with the cold of the snow is keeping snow surfaces very… Read More >>

A Dream Day for a Ski Resort Marketing Director!

Today was one of those magical days at work for a ski resort Marketing Director. We had numerous marketing events and production activities going on simultaneously all show cased under ideal weather and snow conditions.  All of the stars aligned and magic happened here today.

First, we had some visiting trip planners from a ski club from New Brunswick, Cananda here scouting Saddleback for a 5-day ski week next year. My wife Lisa was kind to offer to tour them around the mountain and make sure that they learned how to make the most of Saddleback. They were impressed and we will likely book their trip.

Second, there was a photo shoot by our marketing… Read More >>

March Madness Begins this Weekend at Saddleback

This week we turned the page to March - the nicest month of the ski season in my opinion. The light is best, temperatures are pleasant, our BBQ’s are soon to get underway, then comes spring events like pond skimming & the cardboard box race. In general, people are more relaxed and yet they become more spirited. Some folks will even take off their shirts and ski in shorts. We will get a taste of spring this weekend! The photo here is a group of Eastern Ski Writers checking out the snow on Black Beauty this morning.

The forecast is calling for sunshine beginning tomorrow and lasting through the weekend. The mountain is in great shape from last week's huge snowfall and we… Read More >>

The Saddleback Snowfields are Popular after a 64 Inch Snowfall

Since my last blog and making mention the upper snowfields, I have received several emails asking me, what are the upper snowfields? So I asked our Director of Mountain Operations, Jimmy Quimby to define them for us.

 According to Jimmy Quimby, Saddleback’s summit snowfields stretch as far as the entire ridge of Saddleback Mountain. The summit snowfields have primarily been referred to as “the Summit,” but also as the Snowfields. Many years ago, the mountain used to tow people to the summit behind a snowmobile and there was a party-like atmosphere surrounding the summit. This area goes from the top of Muleskinner to the area directly over the top of America… Read More >>

Another Foot on Saddleback!

Just when you think it is over, it’s not! After yesterday’s storm wound down and we calculated the week's worth of snow be in the 52 inch range, we got a forecast for 3 to 4 inches of new snow for the overnight. No big deal compared to what we had received. To our surprise and the surprise of our snow removal staff, it dumped and we found 8 to 12 inches of new powder on the mountain! We had to scramble to get the parking lots cleaned and doors shoveled out prior to opening.

With snow comes wind and unfortunately there is a wind hold on the Rangeley Double and the Kennebago Quad. The good news is that when the lifts resume operating, hopefully Tuesday, there will be many… Read More >>

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