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Saddleback To Re-Open Thursday at 9:00 AM

This is certainly depressing weather and it is cutting into our spring skiing. Currently it is about 39 degrees at the base with fog and drizzle obscuring the mountain. Things will begin to improve tomorrow, but not until later in the day. So, at today’s Directors meeting, we have decided to remain closed Wednesday and re-open for sure on Thursday. Thursday will be sunny and warm, a great day for some spring skiing.

Tomorrow afternoon Jared, Sean & Jimmy will get around the mountain to access conditions and put an accurate trail and glade count together for me so that I can let you know what to expect. If surfaces are too soft we will not be able to groom steep… Read More >>

We Are Looking Forward to the Return of Sunshine & Easter Weekend!

I am certainly glad that today is a Monday and not a weekend day! We have been very lucky to get this bad weather out of the way during the early mid-week days. Early this morning, we receive about 4 inches of wet snow before changing over to rain. We have steady rain currently and we have another low pressure which will bring another slug of rain in here tomorrow. It was a very easy decision not to be open today and tomorrow, as it would be miserable on a chairlift. I am sure no one would have shown up to ski anyway. We will take a wait and see approach to Wednesday’s operation.

The forecast calls for sun to return Thursday and it looks to be a very warm sunny weekend. We… Read More >>

PEAK Honor Pass Program to Continue Next Winter – Survivor Winner Bob Crowley to Continue as Celebrity Spokesperson

Yesterday we invited PEAK pass holders to another PEAK day at Saddleback. If you don’t know, PEAK stands for Promoting Education and Activities for Kids. Simply put, any Maine student up through grade 12 that makes the honor roll is eligible to have a Saddleback season's pass for only $49! Yesterday we put a raffle together to win 3 PEAK passes for next season and had a group photo with our celebrity spokesperson, survivor Bob Crowley. Pictured here are the lucky raffle winners with survivor Bob.

This PEAK program was extremely successful. It gave students great motivation to push themselves with their grades and made parents & teachers very happy. We have heard countless… Read More >>

Another fun filled Saturday at Saddleback

Another fun Saturday was had by all today as we were treated to another sunny day. Temperatures remained in the 20’s so we were skiing on winter-like conditions. These colder temps also made for a very fast Cardboard Box Race. This was the sixth annual Cardboard Box Race. Although called a race, we judges actually voted on creativity of the vehicle. This year's theme was cartoon characters. We had four age categories and one team category. The winners were Underdog (pictured here), Curious George, Scooby Doo, Elmer Fudd & Bugs Bunny & Cars. The course was so fast that we decided to move the start a bit down the course. There were some funny crashes at the… Read More >>

Another Sunny and Festive Weekend on Tap for Saddleback!

We are now heading into what promises to be another fantastic weekend at Saddleback. We have been extremely fortunate to have had the weather pattern working well for weekends and the rotten stuff happening on Mondays & Tuesdays. With any luck, that will be the case through April 11th (closing date).

The forecast is for a cold clear night with temperatures falling into single numbers. Winds will be still and a gorgeous sunny day is on tap for Saturday with temperatures warming into the high 20’s and possibly low 30’s. Grooming will again be extensive throughout the night on most major trails. We will shoot to groom out 40 trails tonight. It will be a… Read More >>

A Beautiful Day at Saddleback

It was drop-dead gorgeous at Saddleback today! We had wall-to-wall sunshine, blue sky, no wind and temperatures warming into the upper 30’s. Yesterday’s 6 inches of new snow blended nicely into the surface from last night’s extensive grooming. In fact, last night’s grooming was one of the most extensive that I have seen all season as 41 trails were groomed. Unfortunately for me, I was too busy to get out to enjoy the snow. My wife, Lisa however, skied most of the day. She described the surfaces as being mostly smooth packed powder. Many trails that normally do not get groomed such as Lower Peachy’s and Lower Professor were groomed and featured exceptional… Read More >>

Winter is Back at Saddleback!

I am breaking from tradition, and will post a quick blog here on my day off. I feel it necessary as I have just had one the most fun mornings off skiing here at Saddleback. I have not had a powder day in a while so it was a real treat when I found up to six inches of fresh powder snow on the mountain this morning. My early morning report was 2 to 3 inches at 4:30 AM. However snow intensified and we ended with 6. We still have some flurries but it should clear tonight and be a bluebird day for tomorrow.

The upper mountain was closed today, so we skied mostly off of the T-bar. The snow had some real body to it and although only 6 inches deep, it skied as though it was much… Read More >>

A Slap in the Face from Mother Nature!

Mother Nature can be so cruel, just a couple of degrees colder and we would be digging out from a major snow storm. Instead we are at 32 to 33 degrees at the base with a steady rain. It is miserable enough that we decided to stay off of the snow and let people stay dry and not run lifts today. The upper mountain is actually receiving a coating of ice. So we have lift maintenance there bumping the lift occasionally so as to prevent the lift from freezing up. They will likely be there baby sitting the lift until the precipitation changes to all snow late tonight.

The forecast calls for temperatures to gradually get colder and precipitation will turn to snow early Wednesday morning.… Read More >>

Sunday March 28th Proclaimed Facebook Fan Day - Saddleback Fans on Facebook Get a Deal!

Today I feel as though I am at Whistler- damp but not rainy with a low ceiling and mild at 38 degrees. For the few skiers who are here today, the skiing is amazing! If you read my blog a few days ago about the comparison of skiing surfaces to food, today the snow was like butter. Another description would be hero snow. It is soft but not heavy, forgiving, easy to turn on and even the steepest of steeps are effortless to edge and easy to ski.

Tomorrow should be much of the same except we do expect precipitation most of the day. It is not clear as to what form it will be. Our forecast is for a wintery mix. With a little luck we may remain mostly snow as elevation may become a… Read More >>

It May Seem Like Spring Where You Are, But Not at Saddleback!

It may seem like spring where you are, but it certainly does not feel like it today here at Saddleback. Snow started to fall this morning around 10:00 and it looks as though we will have snowy weather through at least Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. We may get enough accumulation that we could consider calling Tuesday or Wednesday a powder day! We shall see about that when the time comes. The weather forecasts are so negative and all the weather experts do is to talk about rain. Very few of the weathermen mention the elevation factor in their forecasts. The fact that our base is at 2500 feet and the summit is 4120 feet does make a huge difference in what falls from the sky. What is… Read More >>

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