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Saddleback Realty’s philosophy is to assist clients looking to sell or purchase a vacation home in the Rangeley Lakes area. Our focus is the properties at Saddleback Mountain however, we can assist in determining whether on or off mountain would best suit our client’s needs based on their wants and desires. Saddleback Mountain comprises over 8,000 acres of majestic Maine mountainside, forest and lakes. From Saddleback Lake near the northern boundary to the peak of Saddleback Mountain in the south, the entire area is privately owned by a New England family dedicated to preserving the special qualities of this unspoiled area.

The Long Term Plan now in place is designed to build value and strengthen the mountain's unique appeal as a family-oriented 4-season destination resort. Carefully planned infrastructure allows for continued and appropriate development. With the acquisition of Oquossoc Cove Marina in the Spring of 2009, Saddleback Mountain is now able to provide a complete 4-season experience on the mountain and on the lakes.

There's no doubt about it. Each day is an opportunity to experience something inside yourself that echoes the rhythms of the world around you. Perhaps it is that almost mystical sense of place, that feeling of discovery one finds here, that explains the deep reverence so many travelers and visitors have felt for this special place over the years.

"Saddleback exists to share its gift of exquisite beauty, peace and happiness."
- Saddleback owner Irene Berry

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